Food fight Whataburger

Food fight Whataburger, A bunch of San Antonio, Tex. high school kids amply demonstrated that they are a bunch of high school kids on Saturday night by getting into a crazy, epic, glorious food fight at a Whataburger restaurant.
The big burger battle went down on Saturday night at the Whataburger at the intersection of Loop 1604 and Bandera.
The contestants in the melee were way too many riled up students from both Sandra Day O’Connor High School and Louis D. Brandeis High School, O’Connor High’s obviously despised rival.
In a hard-fought football game earlier in the evening, Brandeis had defeated O’Connor by a score of 12-10.
It’s impossible to tell from the 21 second video below, but it seems like the proximate cause of the food fight may have been Brandeis students bragging about their school’s victory.
Whatever the case, things escalated into utter chaos amazingly quickly. Students hurled drinks, trays, fries and pretty much everything else. They also shrieked and took cover, inasmuch as taking cover is possible inside a Whataburger.
Naturally, students recorded the food fight on a cellphone. At least one sent it into the world via Instagram, reports local ABC affiliate KSAT.
In response to the impressive damage wrought by the students, Whataburger employees closed part of the restaurant for about 30 minutes, notes CBS affiliate KENS.
In a statement, school district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez promised “to identify students who will face appropriate consequences including suspension from school.” He added that the school district will “cooperate with law enforcement and restaurant management in pursuing criminal charges if warranted”
Representatives of Whataburger told the San Antonio Express-News that the company will not press charges concerning the kerfuffle.
Whataburger is a Texas-based chain or burger joints (not to be confused with What-A-Burger, a smaller East Coast-based chain of burger joints).

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Food fight Whataburger